BlueRidge AI Platform


The BlueRidge AI Platform provides predictive analysis to identify industrial electric motor failure. Now organizations that depend on industrial electric motors can be assured of reduced or eliminated downtime. 

The Platform is designed to easily collect data, analyze in real time using actual Machine Learning models, and provide industrial operators clear visibility and alerting on down-time conditions.

Data Collection Made Easy with the BlueRidge MultiSensor

The biggest challenge today for industrial firms that want to monitor their assets is getting a consistent broad set of clean data, natively formatted and labeled for consumption by Machine Learning models. 

The BlueRidge MultiSensor is uniquely designed to collect a rich set of data, including multiple points of temperature, acceleration, gyro, sound and humidity that is uniquely formatted for native ingest by our ML models.

The next challenge is getting the data to a central place for processing. Most sensor-based solutions, whether a walk-around probe or a stand-alone sensor, require a person to walk to within several feet of the asset to collect the data. This means inconsistent time of data collection, and often when there is an environment with many sensors, sometimes where they are deployed can be forgotten or at a minimum hard to reach.

The MultiSensor transmits over Wifi or LTE (not Bluetooth, which has a limited distance) according to the specific needs of the asset being monitored. We designed a sensor that can be battery powered, and can be scheduled to send at a custom interval, and lasts up to two years without charge.

Deploying the MultiSensor is simple; it is the shape (and slightly larger in size) as a hockey puck. There are optional mount points for any size industrial electric motor, with provision to secure with stainless aviation safety wire.  The ruggedized enclosure material options includes ABS plastic, PLA, carbon fiber and machined aluminum.

The server software doesn’t require any IT involvement, it’s all deployed and managed by BlueRidge in a dedicated BlueRidge AI Secure Cloud environment. Given the backgrounds of our staff (cyber/Intel Community), security was designed from the ground up. There is an Industrial File Repository for storing additional training data if desired.

Low Cost Deployment and Management

Easy to Use Dashboard and Minimal Alerting

BlueRidge.AI’s dashboard is easy to understand and simple to use. whether you prefer using a desktop system or mobile device. Easily monitor many assets, set threshold alerts and receive text messages or emails. Alerts only trigger when an actual motor failure is detected, so only relevant “yellow” or “red” conditions are notified.

“Before BlueRidge, we ran our machines to fail, and unfortunately experienced the cost and downtime as a result.
Now we can schedule maintenance and repair based on clear system monitoring and feedback.”

Focus on What Matters