Solving Hard Problems for Industry

Using Machine Learning to Maximize Uptime, Quality, and Safety.

Peak Performance

Predict Asset Failure

Using a vast pool of data points, our database of industrial asset failure data helps our ML model predicts failure before you receive that dreadful call.

Quality Inspection

See the quality of manufactured goods in real time. Edge compute finds issues in milliseconds, and doesn’t miss. PLC integrations available too.

Keeping your Data Safe

We know your data is important to you. Link your data from 3rd party sensors, historians, and applications for easy monitoring within the platform.

AI That Really Works

Our solution combines decades of industrial motor expertise, employing simple to install industrial sensors that detect problems before they occur, allowing plant managers to focus on what matters most: improving operations efficiency while reducing costs.

Data You Can Trust

At security matters to us, that’s why we have taken precautionary measures to build a secure cloud service that your organization can trust.

Trusted Partners

Partners Who Sell or Service Our Products.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Times are tough. It’s time you get the help you deserve. Let’s remote monitoring and predictive analytics prevent your next unplanned downtime.