Kiss Unplanned Downtime Goodbye​

Now it’s simple and inexpensive to keep electric motors up and running without costly consultants and confusing spreadsheets.

“BlueRidge has solved several long-standing problems within the industrial environment"

~ Mick Hatley, Former State Director of Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) and owner of Electric Motor & Repair Inc.

BlueRidge —

AI That Really Works

Our solution combines decades of industrial motor expertise, employing simple to install industrial sensors that detect problems before they occur, allowing plant managers to focus on what matters most: improving operations efficiency while reducing costs.

Instant Deployment IIoT sensors deploy in minutes, providing operations managers with continuous monitoring of electric motors.

More Uptime supports multiple industrial and manufacturing sectors. The BlueRidge Platform combines proprietary IIoT Sensors, Secure AI Cloud, and Machine Learning models to target electric motor failure modes, providing manufacturers with the ability to schedule prescriptive maintenance and minimize downtime.


Consumer Packaged Goods

Durable Goods



Oil & Gas

Aerospace & Defense


“BlueRidge eliminated that 3 am call…”

No More Spreadsheets

BlueRidge.AI’s dashboard is easy to understand and simple to use regardless of your preferred device or infrastructure. Set threshold alerts and receive text messages or emails.

Focus on What Matters