Minimize Unplanned Downtime

BlueRidge Platform monitors all your assets continuously. Our machine learning models predict failure, and when there is a detection, you can collaborate with service providers to schedule repair. Helping you manage and minimize downtime.

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Detailed Predictions

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm predicts and detects maintenance events for any asset. Get details specific to each maintenance event including, sensor data, predicted failure, and suggested maintenance window.

Robust Reporting Made Simple.

The platform boasts an intuitive reporting system that allows you to create, modify, save, share, and print custom reports that fit your workflow.

Robust Reporting Made Simple.

The platform boasts an intuitive reporting system that allows you to create, modify, save, share, and print custom reports that fit your workflow.

Plan Ahead by Scheduling Within Maintenance Windows

Get a calendar view of all your assets, their suggested maintenance windows, your scheduled downtime, and more right in the app. Quickly schedule service requests and communicate right with your partner directly from the platform.

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Features That Matter

Continuous Monitoring

Our platform offers comprehensive analysis through real-time monitoring of all your assets. View up-to-date visuals when you need them the most.

Partner Collaboration

Transparency should never be a luxury, especially when it comes to your partner relationship.’s native ticketing and chat feature lets you communicate in real-time with the technician.

Custom Reporting

Export, save, share, and print custom reports for you and the team to see asset status across any line, facility, or organization.

Machine Learning

Our proprietary machine learning models help you detect motor failure way before it happens, saving you and your team countless hours of headaches and most importantly, money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for setting up sensors for my organization?

We make the setup process as simple as possible. Once you sign up for our platform, the team will head on site and perform a site survey of your facility.

After determining the number of sensors needed, we will return on site for a final installation of the sensors and any other required equipment. 

How easy is it to add additional sensors to our existing platform?

Easy as pie (or however the saying goes). Since our sensors are proprietary, they work with our software out of the box. Talk with your sales representative to place an order.

How is does the ecosystem work with our existing team?

Couldn’t be easier! As an administrator to your organization(s), you will have the ability to add new users and adjust their permissions based on specific user roles.

Are the sensors collecting data constantly?

Our sensors run off battery power and collect data every 2-6 hours. depending on the model and sample rate. 

As a partner, do I have access to see multiple organizations?


Our platform was designed with partners in mind. You’ll have access to view multiple organizations, facilities, and assets within the platform.

One of our sensors stoped reporting, now what?

Let us know immediately. We will send you a new sensor and ask for the old one in return.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! Ask a sales representative if you are eligible for our 30 day pilot program.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Work smarter, not harder by leveraging the power of Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence to enhance your workflow and detect motor failure.

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